Confederate Monument Committee
Alexandria, Virginia
May 24, 1889

Unveiling photo

This photograph was taken of veterans of the Seventeenth Virginia at the unveiling of "Appomattox"at the intersection of Prince and Washington Streets.
Photo courtesy of John Donnelly, whose great grandfather, John T. Donnelly (Pvt., Co. E) is the third man from the left in the photo.
Edgar Warfield (Pvt., Co. H) is tenth from the right, centered on the statue.
Committee Chairman and former commander of the 17th, Gen. Montgomery Dent Corse, is eleventh from the right, next to Warfield.
William A. Smoot (Pvt., Co. A) is the tall gentleman, eighth from the right, wearing a sash.
The tall man in the black hat, eleventh from the left, is possibly Francis John Power (1st Lt., Co. G).

Please contact the webmaster if you can identify other members of the committee.

The following is the text of handwritten caption on the photograph:

Monument Erected to the Memory of the Confederate Dead of Alexandria, Va.
By Their Surviving Comrades, May 24, 1889
Marks the Spot from Which the Alexandria Troops left to Join the
Confederate Forces, May 24, 1861.

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